Behind the Flavour

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This book of short stories is about well-known classical French & typical Dutch dishes and drinks. Interesting to read, and just as fun to pass on. Here and there, the book is enriched with a recipe of a dish or cocktail and the short stories are laced with humour. That way, you will automatically become a gastronome!

Who does not know them, the Caesar salad, carpaccio, tarte Tatin or Dame blanche? Do you already know the story behind hotchpotch? And what do you know about trendy cocktails like the Esma and Pornstar Martini? This book tells you all about the stories behind the flavours. Read about authentic Dutch products, the French classics familiar to us, and drinks like Absinthe.

Anyone with a thing for the culinary will appreciate this book. But certainly also lovers of culture and history. Burgundians, bon vivants, bon vivants, bon vivants, hobby cooks and people working or about to work in the catering industry...."Behind the Flavours" brings you up to speed on what a gastronome needs to know!


From the classic French cuisine: crepes Suzette, dame blanche, boeuff Stroganoff, coupe Romanoff, tarte Tatin, macaron, croissant.

From the Dutch cuisine: Hutspot, frikandel, kroket, bitterbal, poffertjes, asperges, snert, carpaccio, waterzooi, oliebol, frietje kapsalon.

Dranken: Absint, pornstar Martini, esma, negroni, prosecco, koffie, Margarita, mojito, kir royal, long island ice tea.


Second edition, softcover, A-5, preface, table of content, 114 pages